Thea Wirsching currently lives in Long Beach, California with her husband, young son, and a pair of adventuresome cats.  She began her formal astrology training at age nineteen, and later completed the highest level of apprenticeship in Steven Forrest’s evolutionary astrology program.  Thea has been reading charts for clients for over a decade.  She is also an accomplished scholar, and taught at the university level for five years.  Thea has a PhD from the University of California in the field of American literature; her dissertation explores the relationship of gothic literature to the history of initiatory orders in the United States.  Much of her work on the esoteric history of the United States appears in her Tarot deck, The American Renaissance Tarot.  

A proud member of the Pluto in Libra generation, Thea is highly attuned to the healing power of art, music, and beauty.  She grew up in a house overfull with art supplies and antiques, and her sculptress mother was known as the “Sun Lady” for her ceramic creations inspired by Zodiac signs.  Thea’s Bohemian grandmother, Beatrice, was an astrologer and teacher like Thea, and inspired her granddaughter with her collector’s love of precious gems and minerals. 

Thea’s early experiences with trauma led her to seek out healing practices at a young age.  She participated in a powerful encounter group for many years, and was also involved in organizing feminist support groups in the 1990s.  Thea’s own healing journey gives her a special proficiency with clients who suffer from eating disorders and body image dysmorphia.

Thea grew up in the American South, and has fond memories of the time she spent swimming in lakes and climbing the heavily scented magnolia trees.  She has also lived on Taos Mountain, and among the ancient redwoods on the California coast.  The many years she spent in the urban environment of Los Angeles have left a profound stamp on her character.  Thea loves LA’s wit, whimsy, and glaring contradictions, the cult of glamour and the clash of high and low culture.  She’s spent considerable time haunting old movie houses, and she is fascinated by the early history of film, from the silent era through Film Noir. 

In both her academic and fiction writing, Thea focuses on the transformative power of story.  In her award-winning undergraduate thesis, Thea analyzed the heroines in Anais Nin’s novels using the four elements of astrology, Jung’s personality types, and the symbolic stages in the alchemical process.  In her graduate work, Thea explored the relationship between fiction and religion, revealing how the stories we tell ultimately become our reality.  In her Psyche’s Gift astrology practice, Thea emphasizes the past-life story and its impact on the present-day life of the client.  The mythic power of astrology allows the client to bring a new story into being, one in tune with the higher purpose of the Soul.